Propelling Higher Profitability


Maximize Every Seat

Maximizing unit revenue means understanding each customer, offering each one the right bundle of products, and fully tapping his or her willingness to pay. We optimize your airline’s pricing and demand-forecasting practices and examine the entire passenger experience from booking to bag claim. With Propel’s expertise, you will discover new opportunities to capture a larger share of each passenger’s travel spend.


Profitable Destinations, Optimal Schedule

Operating the right aircraft on each route can make or break an airline’s profitability. We work with you to evaluate every route, every frequency, and every tail so that you know you’re getting the best possible use of your entire fleet.


Right Aircraft, Lowest Cost

Propel staff have worked on both sides of the table during aircraft transactions, so we can cut through a manufacturer’s marketing hype to help you understand the true capability of each aircraft. Combined with our network expertise, this unique perspective can help you design a fleet which can serve your entire network with minimal cost and complexity.